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Instituto Fitológico / INFISA

Instituto Fitológico (INFISA) is a company created in 1971, located in Barcelona. It has been making products of plant origin, plant extracts, essential oils, essences and flavours for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, diet and food industries, animal food, veterinary medicine and agriculture for more than 45 years.

Plant extracts

fluid / glycolic / glycerine / aqueous / dry

Our control, your security

From the beginning of the elaboration process in our facilities to the exit from our factory, the products follow the most exhaustive control protocols of the suppliers - guarantees of the raw material receipt - and their reconditioning and appropriate treatment for each plant, besides analytical and quality checks during all the critical phases in the elaboration of an extract.


Office: (+ 34) 93 330 72 72
Plant: (+34) 93 891 81 04