Instituto Fitológico / INFISA

manufacture of plants extracts from Barcelona

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Instituto Fitológico (INFISA) is a company created in 1971, located in Barcelona. It has been making products of plant origin, plant extracts, essential oils, essences and flavours for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, diet and food industries, animal food, veterinary medicine and agriculture for more than 45 years. 

We work through natural and bio-ecological processes with more than three hundred plants and multiple finished products to meet the needs and expectations of our Customers. 

Since our purpose is the constant improvement, our research department, together with our experience and deep knowledge of our work - due to a High Qualification team and five decades of history of Instituto Fitológico S.L. - develops, in collaboration with our customers, the projects that are elaborated in our production plant afterwards. 

Our customers’ ideas and projects are our main asset to get, along with our work, rewarding solutions to their needs. 

We take care of people, agriculture and veterinary medicine on the basis of the Natural, transforming the vegetal in order to obtain high quality products, where innovation and tradition join together to find new resources in health benefit. 

We have the protocols of production, certifications and health records required to guarantee that our products are in line with the current regulations and have the highest quality assurances. In addition, our teams and working conditions are the maximum fulfilment of the expectations needed to get an excellent product. 

Our extraction systems do not include any unsuitable chemical product and are carried out according to the ecological processes agreed on, preserving the active components of each substance. 

In the Research and Development of one of our customers’ project, as well as in the after-sales service, we include the necessary technical assistance to achieve good results in all the required objectives. 

We take advantage of the treasures of the Nature to try offering everybody the benefits that we can get from it, being as respectful as possible with the environment. 

Our history allows us to state that Instituto Fitológico S.L. has achieved all of our customers’ acknowledgement that we are a company with a lot of experience in the sector. We offer high quality products for the satisfaction and guarantee of all of them. 

We think that more than 45 years in the market endorse a path in which the effort we made confirms our motto: giving the best possible service to our Customers.


Office: (+ 34) 93 330 72 72
Plant: (+34) 93 891 81 04