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Our control, your security

InstitutoFitológico, S.A. (INFISA) is a manufacturer of extracts, essences, flavours and aromas of natural origin for the Food industry, Veterinary (animal feed), Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical for more than 45 years. Our products are adjusted to our customers needs, complying with all legal requirements, regulations and other requirements, ensuring their quality at all times and ensuring their safety and food security.

We want to be a reference in the extracts and aromas sector of natural origin, consolidating our position in the market through the commercialization and manufacture of high quality products and added value, achieving the full satisfaction of our customers. For this we apply to all our processes:

  • Personalised attention to each client to achieve maximum satisfaction.
  • Implementation of the principles of HACCP "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" in all phases of the manufacture and implementation of a pre-requisite plan with all good hygiene and food safety practices.
  • The assessment of risks and opportunities and actions to manage them correctly, as well as a planning of objectives that allow us to improve continuously.
  • The development of own manufacturing methods adapted to the characteristics of the product.
  • A strict quality control of all raw materials we use and our finished products.
  • The care of the environment, through the prevention of the pollution generated in our activity, the optimization of the natural resources consumption and the minimization of waste.
  • The ongoing training of personnel and improvement of the working environment.
  • The commitment of the Management to lead the momentum for the implementation and application of the Food Quality and Safety System, and guaranteeing legal and regulatory compliance.


Office: (+ 34) 93 330 72 72
Plant: (+34) 93 891 81 04